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Prof. Dr. Henner Hanssen from the University of Basel, Switzerland speaks about How To Prevent And Treat High Blood Pressure With Exercise.

Link to Consensus Document:


Treatment of hypertension and its symptoms is still a huge health-care problem. Hypertension is now responsible for about 25% of heart attacks in Europe, and by 2025, up to 60% of the population may have hypertension. Hypertension has become more common as a result of inactivity, but patients who exercise or partake in physical activity have a lower chance of stroke, myocardial infarction, and cardiovascular mortality. As a result, existing international recommendations on cardiovascular disease prevention include general advice to improve physical activity, but physiological responses vary depending on blood pressure (BP) level, and more personalized advice could be able to achieve larger BP reductions over a population. We conducted a comprehensive analysis of meta-analyses to see if there was enough data to provide a scientific Consensus Document outlining how to exercise medication could be tailored for blood pressure regulation. The paper summarizes the results of 34 meta-analyses on the effects of aerobic fitness exercise, dynamic strength training, and isometric resistance training on blood pressure in adults with hypertension, high-average blood pressure, and people with normal blood pressure. The meta-review found enough data, based on the approximate spectrum of exercise-induced BP reduction, the number of randomized controlled trials, and the consistency ranking, to suggest that form of exercise should be recommended based on initial BP level, but there are still significant research gaps. As a result, this evidence-based Consensus Document recommends that more studies be done to promote and develop more regular use of individual exercise prescriptions in order to improve lifestyle treatments for the prevention and treatment of hypertension.