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Ankeet S. Bhatt, MD and Muthiah Vaduganathan, MD, MPH Division of Cardiology, Brigham and Women's Hospital speaks about Prioritizing Dissemination and Implementation Science in Cardiometabolic Medicine - CONNECTing the Dots.

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Heart failure with a low ejection fraction is a classic example of scientific breakthroughs that have yet to be completely realized in clinical practice. Stepwise development in discovery research has resulted in the release of numerous disease-modifying medicines in recent years. 1 It is predicted that full adoption of modern multidrug regimens will result in considerable increases in lifespan and event-free survival. 2 However, there are still significant gaps in the appropriate use of these treatments. 3 Other common cardiometabolic diseases, such as diabetes, chronic renal disease, atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, and obesity, have similar implementation gaps. Because of these flaws in execution, the population-level impact that these treatments may provide has been restricted.