JACC: First-In-Human Four Chamber Pressure - Volume Analysis During TAVR

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JACC: Case Reports Editor-in-Chief Dr. Julia Grapsa is joined by Editorial Consultant Yevgeniy “Eugene” Brailovsky; authors Drs. Mohammad Sarraf, Daniel Burkhoff, and Michael I. Brener; as well as Prof. Nicolas van Mieghem from Erasmus University to discuss a case reporting the first-in-man description of pressure–volume analysis in all four cardiac chambers before and after transcatheter aortic valve replacement. Pressure–volume analysis demonstrated that the hemodynamic consequences of valve replacement are chamber-specific and influenced by all aspects of the procedure (i.e., rapid ventricular pacing), not just valve deployment. #JACCCardioOnc Please visit https://www.jacc.org/ and https://www.acc.org/