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#POTS is associated with nervous system dysfunction and results in an abnormal increase in heart rate that occurs after sitting up or standing. The condition typically affects young women in childbearing age. The distinguishing symptoms of POTS are a rapid increase in the heartbeat of more than 30 beats per minute and a heart rate that exceeds 120 beats per minute, within 10 minutes of standing.


Dr. Peng-Sheng Chen, a national expert in the condition and Ryberg’s cardiologist, says POTS is easy to spot and diagnose, if medical professionals know what to look for. However, Chen says many physicians are still unfamiliar with the condition.


“These patients are young and otherwise healthy, yet left unable to work, drive, exercise, have children or experience many of life’s ‘normalcies’ for fear of fainting,” says Dr. Chen, who leads one of only a few POTS clinics in the nation. “When my patients hear that their condition is real, and treatments exist to remedy many of its side effects, it often changes everything for them.”



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